BENZUBER - mobile service for motorists, which allows you to refuel the car without leaving it. With it, you can pay for fuel from the smartphone, without applying to the cash register of the gas station. Pay for gasoline with a bank or fuel card linked to your profile in the mobile application BENZUBER

The service has a simple and intuitive interface. Its use will significantly reduce the time spent at the gas station, and a 24-hour support service will help you quickly solve any issue.

How it works:

— Download the BENZUBER mobile application on the Google Play or the App Store and install on your smartphone;

— Launch the application, register and add payment details, indicating the bank or fuel card data. We guarantee the protection of your personal data;

— Open the map in the application and select the required gas station or turn on the geo-location and let the program determine the nearest stations to you;

— Upon arrival, select the column number and fuel type, then specify the required volume in liters or the amount of money and confirm the transaction to make the payment;

— Next, the system will automatically connect the fuel dispenser and your car will be filled with the required amount of fuel;

— If not all released fuel has entered the tank, just return the refueling nozzle to its original position on the column and the system will automatically return the change to your account.

Forget about the queue at the gas station! Now you have BENZUBER - fast, cashless and secure service for paying fuel directly from your smartphone.