Refueling your car without going to the cashier

The most powerful online service for paying fuel at the gas station using a mobile application.

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Forget about queues!

Now neither the cashier nor the queue will spoil the mood, and children will not wait for you alone in the car.

Install the BENZUBER app!

Pay for fuel directly from your smartphone and refuel your car. And if the station has an attendant, then you do not even have to leave the car to put the nozzle in the gas tank. *

*If there is an attendant at the gas station

It's easy!

Start the application, enter the number of the column and valume
It's easy!


Pay for petrol with a linked bank card, fuel card, or Apple Pay service
Secure! Secure!

You can go!

If part of the fuel does not enter the tank, we will immediately return the money to your account and offer you to save the preferred fuel and tank capacity to save your time during the next refueling.